Useful Information and Links for Belize

Government of Belize website:

Banks in Belize:

Atlantic International Bank, Ltd
This bank offers a full range of offshore banking services and products, giving secure, private access to funds in a convenient manner.

BHI Offshore Financial Services
international banking services including, multi-currency accounts,
gross interest payment – no withholding or income tax, confidentiality and access to offshore investment services.

The Belize Bank
The Belize Bank is the largest full service commercial banking operation in Belize providing a range of banking and financial services to both domestic and international customers.

Provident Bank & Trust
The bank offers a full range of banking services including accounts maintained in US$, CAD, EURO and Pounds Sterling, international letters of credit (both standby and documentary), back to back loans, international credit cards, telegraphic transfers, traveller’s cheques, purchase of stocks and shares on behalf of clients through a broker, Demand Deposit Accounts and Fixed Term Deposits

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